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What if you learned how to research your niche and then go about creating your first ebook?

Here are 5 simple steps that will allow you to research your niche inside out.

Step 1 Research Demand and Competition of Your Niche.

Step 2 Research Forums.

Step 3 Research Yahoo Answers.

Step 4 Build a List.

Step 5 Ask Your Subscribers.

Here are step by step details that will get you started instantly.

Step 1 Research Demand and Competition of Your Niche.

It is important that you research paper demand and competition of your niche before you go about writing your first ebook.

The reason is that if you write an eBook and no one purchases it you will have a tough time with your internet business and this will de-motivate you to a huge extent.

Therefore it is extremely important that you research what your niche wants and give it to them.

You should also make sure that you know the problems suffered by your niche audience.

Forums are the best way to know about this.

Step 2 Research Forums.

Participate in forums in your niche and you will know as to what people want in your niche.

When you participate out there ask members as to what is their most pressing problems and they will reply in return.

Also make sure that you provide them quality answers, this will boost up your credibility in the forums and make you tons of money online in the process.

Visit yahoo answers.

Step 3 Research Yahoo Answers.

Also make sure that you focus on visiting yahoo answers.

There you will get tons of information relating to the problems of your niche in the form of questions.

See the trend going on and what most of the people are asking in your niche.

Once you know that this is what your niche wants you can easily create it and you will instantly have a killer product ready to sell.

Now get started building your list.

Step 4 Build a List.

Get started building your list of subscribers as soon as you know the problem that is faced by your niche audience.

What you can do is create a free eBook in your niche and give it to your visitors for free so that they get motivated to signup to your list.

Once they are signed up you can instantly ask them about the most pressing problem that they are facing in your niche.

There will be many who will reply back with an answer and these are the golden ideas that will allow you to create your next product.

Get hold of your subscribers.

Step 5 Ask Your Subscribers.

When you ask your subscribers for help you can tell them that you are in the process of developing a product and you need their help.

Just ask them the topic they would be interested in and as per their interest you will be creating the next

Once you have enough response go about developing your new product and you will start making tons of cash instantly.

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